The “SUPER PALLET RACK” shelving is modular and self-supporting. It is suitable for the construction of warehouses for the storage of heavy material, such as moulds, steel sheets, coils etc.

The structure is made of high resistance and certified steel profiles, with suitably calculated sections and thickness. It can be supplied in single-sided or double-sided solutions with heights from 3000 to 5000 mm. and stringer (IPE or HEA beams) from 1800 to 4000 mm.


Many are the advantages offered by the Super pallet rack:

  • It is safe: the structure is self-supporting and is dimensioned in order to guarantee the maximum stability and rigidity.
  • Itís adjustable: the small boring pitch of the columns allows a complete exploitation of the available height.
  • High load capacity: Load capacity of a side from 20.000 to 45.000 kg. and  for one shelf from 5.000 to 15.000 kg.
  • The assembly is easy and quick
  • It is modular
  • It is economical: the use of profiles with a suitable section and certified steel allows the best exploitation and a reduction of costs.

Surface treatment: Material painted or hot galvanized for outdoor installation or for installation in controlled temperature rooms (cold storage rooms).

Available colors: Grey RAL 7001 or 7035, Blue RAL 5010 or 5015, Yellow RAL 1021.


All the elements are made of high resistance certified steel and are calculated according to the current standards and regulations.