Our expert and reliable technical staff is always at your service for any joint project development according to your specific needs.


Our technical department consists of experienced engineers; before choosing the most suitable product together with the Customer, they will carry out an in-depth analysis of the starting point. After specifying the appropriate product, with the aid of calculation programs our technicians will check any single constructive element in order to ensure full compliance with the safety standards. The outcome is a customized project aiming at efficiency and cost abatement.


Production is performed in our works at Busto Garolfo. All production cycle phases are supervised, as well as the quality of the materials in use, which are origin-certified and checked in and out through accurate final controls. This allows us to meet all required quality standards and to guarantee high quality and reliability for our products.



The assembly operations are entrusted to specialized firms in the industry. The selection of said companies is subject to an internal analysis assessing their technical skills and abidance by the current regulations in force on work place health and safety matters. The assembly firms are constantly surveyed by our site inspectors and by our clerical staff, through checks of their regularity from a social security and insurance perspective.


Prandoni offers a regular maintenance service, as provided for by L.D. 9/4/2008 no. 81, consisting in an on-the-spot investigation of the maintenance and safety conditions of the shelving and in the issue of a final control sheet declaring the state of supervised fixtures.
Moreover, we offer a service for bringing the shelving up to the applicable standards, so as to guarantee the continuance of the safety requisites of the work equipment.


All our production is covered by an insurance guarantee with ZURIGO ASSICURAZIONE (product risks) and with CATTOLICA ASSICURAZIONI (liability for damage caused to third parties).